Our SAP is Back!

It’s been more than two years since we’ve hosted any significant events in the gallery, and we’re beyond thrilled to announce two upcoming exhibitions via our Supplementary Artists Program (dubbed “SAP” for short).

Our Supplementary Artists Program features emerging artists from Manitoba for a limited engagement, providing them with gallery exposure and mentorship while building on our mandate to support Canadian artists. This program also gives you the opportunity to survey and purchase work from local artists who are not (or not yet) on our roster of artists.

SAP was launched in September of 2016 with the inaugural exhibition, Rooted and continued annually in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. The acronym SAP connects playfully to the word sapling, likening emerging artists to young seedlings that need nurturing to foster growth. A great fit for Woodlands Gallery 😉

After a short hiatus, SAP is back in 2022 showcasing two incredible Manitoba artists. Well worth the wait, emerging artists Michelle Pereira and Megan Parkes are sure to impress!

Within just a couple months of one another Michelle Pereira and Megan Parkes both contacted the gallery expressing interest in SAP. Not only do they both have the initials M & P., both artists have backgrounds in design, are at similar stages in their careers and have similar painting styles. This back to back SAP pairing was meant to be.

Although both artists use a realistic and detailed approach to painting, their works are distinguished by colour and mood. Pereira creates cheery still life and landscape paintings soaked in sunlight with an idealistic and vibrant palette. Parkes’ contemplative landscapes with more naturalistic colouration fill us with quiet reverie.

Exhibitions SAP: Sun-Kissed and SAP: Reverie open Saturday May 28th and Saturday June 25th respectively.

We anticipate these fantastic collections will sell quickly! Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire a piece by one or both of these incredibly talented artists right now, at the beginning of their art careers!

Psssst…. their prices are low and likely will not stay that way for long!

If you’d like to be one of the first to receive a “sneak peek” preview of all available paintings, please contact us. We’ll add you to the list to receive a digital catalogue with images and artwork details once all of the artwork has arrived in the gallery.

Pictured above: Woodlands Gallery Director, Jennifer DeLury and gallerists with featured artists Tracey Kucheravy and Geneviève Levasseur at our inaugural SAP: Rooted opening reception, September 16th, 2016

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