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Carl Brenders
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Carl Brenders - Raccoon Study
Carl Brenders - Cliff Dweller Cougar
Carl Brenders - Fir & Feathers
Carl Brenders - Steadfast And Resolute
Carl Brenders - Symphony In Blue Peacock
Carl Brenders - The Garden Visitor
Carl Brenders - Up A Gum with Mum
Carl Brenders - Wisdom and Innocence
Carl Brenders - Wild Thing Bobcat
Carl Brenders - Young Explorers

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Carl Brenders’ love for all creatures, from the friendly to the ferocious, is evident in his masterful attention to their every detail; nothing is overlooked. With his imagination, Brenders is able to get close enough to wild animals so that he can almost feel their textures. Consequently, his work has a tactile reality, giving us the sense of having been where even the most intrepid of field guides have not ventured. Of this ability Brenders says, "A painter is a privileged being, because in his imagination he can come very close to the animals he paints. In reality, one can never come this close to wild animals, particularly if they are predators."

A dedicated conservationist, Brenders has raised awareness for environmental and conservation causes with his art which enjoys international acclaim. He is widely collected in North America, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, Holland, Argentina and in his native Belgium.
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