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Connie Bart-Hamel
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Connie Bart-Hamel - Stillness In Emotion
Connie Bart-Hamel - Kid From the City

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Connie is a photographic restoration artist by trade. Over the years, her skills have evolved into creating extremely unique “Artographes”. Her ARTOGRAPHY is her own unique blend of Art and Photography. Connie’s extensive training and experience has allowed her to play with certain restoration methods and come up with her own unique combinations of photo-watercolor, photo-oil,photo-airbrushing and digital computerized images. She has certification by the Professional Photographers of Canada to produce a true work of art either in the form of an Artograph or a restored photograph. Archival permanence and integrity of original works are implemented at all times in Connie work in lieu of extensive conservation studies.

Professional Development
Double Accreditation of Excellence by Pro Photographers of Canada
Educational Assistance Certificate - University of Winnipeg
Vocational Teaching Education Certificate - RRCC - Awarded Best Student
Andragogy Studies - The Study of Adult Education - University of Manitoba
Photography Technology - Red River Community College
Worshops in Fine Art include the following:
    - Photo Art & Restoration - Professional Photographers Of Canada
    - Airbrushing - PPOC & Winona School Indiana
    - Drawing & Sketching - Winnipeg Art Gallery
    - Portrait Painting - Alberta College of Art
    - Watercolour & Acrylics - Parks and Recreation
    - Oil Painting - Oklahoma
    - Sculpture - Alberta College of Art & Winnipeg Art Gallery
    - Japanese Painting - Winnipeg Art Gallery

Selected Exhibitions
Red River Exhibition Juried Show
Professional Photographers of Canada Travel Exhibition
Uniquely Manitoba Trade Show & Exhibition
Pembina Hills Guest Exhibition

Related Activities
Volunteer in Kindergarten to Grade 6  - Art Project Instruction
Volunteer at Winnipeg Art Gallery - Art Rental & Sales
Guest Presenter at North Dakota / Manitoba Convention
Guest Lecturer and Speaker at Seminars, Classes and Workshops in Alberta and Saskatchewan
Self-employed in her entreprenerurial business - Artography Canada since 1990.