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Robert Bateman
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Robert Bateman - Alaska Light
Robert Bateman - Peacable Kingdon - Lechwe & Lions
Robert Bateman - Wind Talkers
Robert Bateman - Chickadee and Rosehips
Robert Bateman - Fall Forrage Moose Cow & Calf
Robert Bateman - Grizzly at Rest
Robert Bateman - Grizzly Head Study
Robert Bateman - New Territory Black Wolf
Robert Bateman - Snowy Morning Bluejay
Robert Bateman - Sleeping Snow Leopard
Robert Bateman - Lone Raven
Robert Bateman - The Prowler Raccoon

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Born May 24th, 1930 in Toronto, Robert Bateman's fascination with nature began at an early age. Today he is one of the world's most celebrated artists and naturalists. Bateman's compelling work presents moments from nature that strike within us a universal realization: We are, like every living creature, interconnected by virtue of this fragile planet that we share.

Bateman's work is in great demand, prized by famous museums and collectors alike. Mill Pond Press has published more than 500 of editions of his work over the past three decades. Books of his art continue to set publishing records.Robert Bateman is the distinguished recipient of countless honors and awards, including ten honorary doctorates.He was named an Officer of the Order of Canada, Canada's highest civilian honor.

The National Audubon Society hailed him as one of the 20th Century's "100 Champions of Conservation" stating: "With his evocative images of animals in their native habitat, he is one of the world's best-known contemporary artists.His paintings have brought a heightened awareness of nature to countless people, and his art has raised millions of dollars for conservation causes."

An eloquent spokesman for the environment, Robert Bateman continues to dedicate his life's work to its preservation.His art of the natural world remains timeless, his message timely.

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