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Castonguay - Collages
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 Castonguay - Collages - The Sunday
 Castonguay - Collages - Bizarre Birds
 Castonguay - Collages - Centre d'art II
 Castonguay - Collages - Rendez-vous II
 Castonguay - Collages - L'auberge
 Castonguay - Collages - Jusqu'au bout du monde
 Castonguay - Collages - Le petit Café
 Castonguay - Collages - Tout pour la musique
 Castonguay - Collages - Collage #7-B

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Born in Quebec in 1949, Claudette Castonguay has been pursuing her own artistic style for more than twenty-five years. She is a self-taught artist, and has been exhibiting her work regularly since 1979. In 1984, she retired from teaching to devote her time entirely to her professional painting career.

Claudette is known for works that depict the individuality of characters with spontaneity, sensitivity, and humour. Her interpretations and portrayal of an afternoon cocktail party, music and flowers, market gardens and children at play are reflections of the Quebecois "joie de vivre" with a twist of elegance.

In her collage work, Claudette Castonguay uses a variety of colourful cut papers and fabric to create these unique whimsical pieces. The texture of the materials used and the small details painted in as finishing touches are best seen close up. Common themes running through her collage work mimic her paintings with figures and “joie de vivre” as well as townscapes, bicycles, wine, birds, cats and more.