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Cathy Sutton
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Cathy Sutton - Steel Square with 14K Gold Fish Pendant on Rubber Cord N22Y
Cathy Sutton - Steel with 14K Gold Fish Pendant on Rubber Cord N361
Cathy Sutton - Small Patterned Copper Pendant on Rubber Cord N43Y
Cathy Sutton - Patterned Copper Pendant on Rubber Cord N44Y
Cathy Sutton - Steel Disc Ring with 14K Gold R01Z
Cathy Sutton - Silver, Copper & Brass Hand Made Chain with Lampwork Beads N09Y
Cathy Sutton - 14K Gold on Steel Earrings with Gold Plated Hooks E45Y
Cathy Sutton - Border Opal & Garnet on Sterling Silver Pin P130Y
Cathy Sutton - Sterling Silver Bolo with Freshwater Pearls on Braided Swead Cord N16Y
Cathy Sutton - Copper Ring Earrings with Sterling Silver & Titanium Hooks E67Y
Cathy Sutton - Sterling Silver Little Girl Waving on Leather Cord N521
Cathy Sutton - Crysacola, Topaz and Purple Stone on Sterling Silver Pin P123
Cathy Sutton - Copper Disc with Sterling Silver on Rubber Cord N31Y
Cathy Sutton - Penny on Tortured Pendant on Rubber Cord N74Y
Cathy Sutton - Sterling Silver Ring with Copper Top and Freshwater Pearl R182
Cathy Sutton - 14K Gold on Steel Leaf Ring
Cathy Sutton - Copper Cuff with Carnelian Stone & Sterling Silver B31Y
Cathy Sutton - Carnelian & Copper Acorn Pendant on Robber Cord N500
Cathy Sutton - Yellow Lampworked Glass & Silver Bracelet B13
Cathy Sutton - Silvered Ivory Lampworked Glass Beads on Silver Bracelet B14
Cathy Sutton - Silver with Ruby Stone (R45) size 7.5
Cathy Sutton - Copper Cuff Bracelet - B158
Cathy Sutton - Oval Earings - Gold on Steel E22Z
Cathy Sutton - Brass Hearts on Copper with Silver & Bone Earings E02Z
Cathy Sutton - Sterling Silver Dish Earings with 10K Gold - E221
Cathy Sutton - Tortured Copper Bracelet
Cathy Sutton - Penny Pin - on Tortured Copper & Sterling Silver
Cathy Sutton - Copper, Sterling Silver & Enamel Earings - E249
Cathy Sutton - Tortured Copper, Silver & Enamel Pendant on Leather Cord - N297
Cathy Sutton - Spiny Oyster & Turquoise on tortured Copper & Sterling Silver Pendant - N276
Cathy Sutton - Sterling Silver Banglish with Citrine - B68
Cathy Sutton - Flame Patinaed Copper Cuff (B89)
Cathy Sutton - Tortured Copper Triangle Studs (E184)
Cathy Sutton - Screen Door (N228) - Sterling Silver w/ 10K Gold on Leather Cord
Cathy Sutton - Cast Sterling Silver Leaf w/ Front Toggle Closure on Leather Cord (N113)
Cathy Sutton - Tortured Copper & Sterling Silver Ovals (E194)
Cathy Sutton - Purse - Mountain Agate & Tortured Copper (N145)
Cathy Sutton - Dish Pendant - Silver Applied to Torchered Copper (N160)
Cathy Sutton - Pyrite Ring (R84) Size 7.5
Cathy Sutton - Autumn Rose (N41) Tortured Copper and Silver Appliques Surround a Fold Formed Rose
Cathy Sutton - Forged Silver Hoops with Amber Beads E07
Cathy Sutton - Guinevere Bracelet (B0909)
Cathy Sutton - Red / Silver Lampworked Rectangle Cab Ring R17
Cathy Sutton - Fumed Silver / Ivory Glass Cab Pendant & Chain N18
Cathy Sutton - Blue Shard Lampworked Glass Bracelet B55
Cathy Sutton - Frosted Cobalt Lampwork Glass & Forgerd  Silver Necklace N51
Cathy Sutton - Red Lampwork Glass with Silver Necklace N05
Cathy Sutton - Ivory & Rust Lampwork Glass with Hand Forged Silver Rings Bracelet B01
Cathy Sutton - Hand Lampworked Glass Beads with Hand Forged Silver & Copper Links Bracelet B16
Cathy Sutton - Ivory, Blue & Red Lampwork Glass with Hand Forged Silver Rings & Clasp Bracelet B18
Cathy Sutton - Repoussee Leaf on Fused Copper Pendant
Cathy Sutton - Sterling Silver Bangle Bracelet with Unique Repousee Leaf Closure
Cathy Sutton - Hand Forged Silver Band with Tanzanite Stone (R42) - size 7.5
Cathy Sutton - Artifact Bracelet - Hand Forged Silver with Lampworked Glass (B19)
Cathy Sutton - Hand Forged Silver Band with Lemon Quartz (R32)

Please email the gallery to be notified when new work by Cathy Sutton arrives.

Exploring and experimenting with various mediums, Cathy draws from her previous artistic adventures to create fresh, exciting pieces that stimulate and evoke emotions in those who view them.

No two pieces are the same and she uses a surprising array of materials in her creations. The soft glow of fresh water pearls, twinkling Swarovsky crystals, czech seed beads and her own hand made unique metal worked charms & colourful torchwork glass beads are some of the ingredients in her wearable art.

The Making of Glass Torched Beads

Murano glass rods are heated with a torch to approximately 1700 degrees F until molten. This melted glass is then carefully wrapped around a steel rod to form a bead. Various colours of glass, pure silver wire and foil, copper and other metals can be added under the torch to create a myriad of patterns and textures on the finished bead. The newly formed bead is then "annealed" in a kiln to strengthen the glass. Each bead is an individual work of art!