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Weiming Zhao
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Weiming Zhao - Assiniboine Park Pavilion in Winter
Weiming Zhao - Dalnavert House
Weiming Zhao - Clear Lake!
Weiming Zhao - Clear Lake in Fall Colour
Weiming Zhao - Fall Coming to Clear Lake
Weiming Zhao - Before A Summer Storm, 9th Hole Clear Lake Golf Course
Weiming Zhao - Water Foutain Behind The Visitor Centre, RMNP
Weiming Zhao - A Quiet Path with Elms, Clear Lake
Weiming Zhao - Pavillion Standing at Last Light
Weiming Zhao - Pavillion at Dusk
Weiming Zhao - Footbridge - High Noon 2
Weiming Zhao - A Gladstone Landmark
Weiming Zhao - Moon Lake
Weiming Zhao - Painting on Whirlpool Lake
Weiming Zhao - Sign of Autumn
Weiming Zhao - Biking on Timothy Road
Weiming Zhao - Soaring into the Sky
Weiming Zhao - Alive with Music
Weiming Zhao - Academy Road Live! - Looking West
Weiming Zhao - Galleries West Previews & Profiles - Summer 2009 p.25
Weiming Zhao - Weiming Zhao - Painting "en plein air" at the Pavillion at Assiniboine Park
Weiming Zhao - Academy Road Live
Weiming Zhao - Academy Road Live
Weiming Zhao - Academy Road Live
Weiming Zhao - Academy Road Live
Weiming Zhao - Academy Road Live

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Growing up in the sixties in a remote northwestern part of China during the Cultural Revolution, Weiming Zhao used his passion for painting and drawing as an escape from the difficult times.

In the late seventies Weiming taught himself to read and speak English from a book on pronunciation. His studies led him to a ten-year career teaching English as a second language in China and eventually to Canada to pursue further studies at Brandon University. Five years later, he returned to China to reunite with his wife and young daughter. Together they returned to Canada and settled in Brandon, Manitoba.

After a hiatus from painting and drawing of almost three decades, Weiming’s childhood passion for art was rekindled. It was in the summer of 2003 in Lake of Woods, Ontario where he once again picked up his brushes, paint and easel and has not stopped since. The result is a portfolio of over 1000 paintings and sketches created en plein air (in open air).

Artist Statement
“I enjoy the challenge of trying to interpret in paint what I see when nature presents its ever changing vista of infinite beauty from dawn to dusk. For years I have been taking my French easel or sketching box outdoors in rain or shine whenever I have an hour to spare or wherever I happen to be.

I can always feel the exciting tremor in my heart while my sight takes in the visual feast from my daily surroundings; whether it is a gentle ripple of water in a gust of wind in spring, or a cool shadow cast behind a summer tree, or a lonely cloud in the deep dome of a blue sky, or a falling leaf drifting from the autumn foliage, or a white expanse of snow in a winter field.

I always feel humbled and overwhelmed by the infinite power of nature's own palette. Whenever I find myself getting closer and closer to capturing a fleeting glimpse of what I see and translating it visually onto a piece of canvas, I can feel a surge of joy, it is the song of my heart.”

Selected Solo Exhibitions
Songs of Wasagaming, Wasagaming Art Centre, 2008
Chasing Light and Colour, Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, 2007
A Profile of a City, Keystone Art Centre Manitoba Summer Fair, 2006
Capturing a Fleeting Moment, Wasagaming Community Art Centre, 2006
Landscape, Memory and Emotions, Wasagaming Art Centre, 2004